Saturday, 28 September 2013


I'm having one of those emotional days where I'm reminiscing about my time in Seychelles. It's funny, I don't really miss the places that much. It's more the people. I met some amazing people whilst out there and whilst I'm completely happy in my new job and love my new life as a father, today is one of those days that I long for a little bit of the past. In a way I long for utopia.

I told my wife about how I was feeling and I missed one person on the islands in particular, Big K one of the skippers on A's boats. He was such a kind man that gave us so much. For a leaving present, he took me for an exclusive stay on Grande Soeur, one the sister islands.


I trawled with his brother on the way over to the island and despite rough seas, we caught 3 bonito's with just a line attached to a stick! Skipper K cooked it for dinner that night and we ate fresh Carpacio and toast for breakfast. It was the perfect end to this chapter of my life.


Of course there are other people that I miss; I miss my old Captain M and Boatswain M. On the odd Fridays I think about Boatswain M making the routine visit to Organibar. I'm shocked I don't have any pictures of the fine produce from our favourite Praslinois takeaway. I also think about how some of my old students are doing. Having discussed this with my wife, we both agreed that we'd love to return to Praslin in 2014, most probably in the summer. Our young boy should be walking by then so that should make things easier. It is kind of his second-home too.

Inspired by my wife's work, which was inspired by Eduardo Galeano, I leave you with this quote:

“Utopia is on the horizon. I move two steps closer; it moves two steps further away. I walk another ten steps and the horizon runs ten steps further away. As much as I may walk, I'll never reach it. So what's the point of utopia? The point is this: to keep walking.”